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The LVDS wireharness series of connectors is an ideal solution for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications.


LVDS address the need of today’s high performance data transmission applications. It is a low voltage differential signaling system which is an electrical system and can run at very high speeds over inexpensive, twisted-pair, stranded copper cables. These twisted pairs maintain the 100ohm differential impedance requires by LVDS data signals. It has become a preferred differential standard due to its capability of delivering high data rates while consuming less power than any other interfacing technologies.


  • Compatible to Low-voltage power supply
  • Low noise generation and high noise rejection
  • Robust transmission signals
  • Ability to be integrated into system level ICs

Why Basmakers

Basmakers offers various LVDS cable assembly, including LVDS wireharness cable assembly, micro coaxial cable assembly and twinax coaxial cable assembly. We can also customize the length of the cable for LVDS cable assembly with connectors.

Our LVDS cable assembly and cable solutions cost much less than the average LVDS cable assembly but still have the same or better performance characteristics