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The connector is a device used to join circuits, the core of the transmission interface, an essential part of electronic products. The USB connectors help transmit USB data signals. Common uses for the USB connectors include portable devices such as PC or cellphones, as well as tablets.


The USB connector series realize hot-plugging and plug-and-play. The transmission speed of USB is much faster than the traditional interfaces such as parallel ports (RJ series, DB series) and serial ports (RS series). It is the largest number of connector types that used in mainstream devices around the world today.


Basmakers offers various and customizable USB connectors, such as:

  • USB type A: mini A (for old camera), micro A
  • USB type B: mini B, micro B
  • USB type C
  • USB 3.2 Gen2 (best transmission speed at 10 Gbps) (formerly called USB3.1)
  • USB 3.2 Gen1 (best transmission speed at 5Gbps) (formerly called USB3.0

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Why Basmakers

Our USB connectors cost much less than the average USB connectors but still have the same or better performance characteristics. Moreover, we have all kinds of corresponding connectors, industrial controls, computer equipment, communication equipment, and system equipment. We can even specify the number of pins. Besides, all our products are in line with UL certification, SGS certification, RoHS certification and other international standards.