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The LVDS micro coaxial cable assembly series of connectors is an ideal solution for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications, especially for the products that transfers images and current signals at the same time.


Coaxial cable (RF Coaxial Cable) is a kind of cable for signal transmission, generally using single-core bare copper wire, multi-core copper stranded wire, copper-clad steel wire or tinned copper wire as the conductor of the cable center, and then surrounded by four layers of annular covering materials from the inside to the outside to perform insulation.

The difference between LVDS wireharness cable assembly and LVDS micro coaxial cable assembly is their structure. The structure allows LVDS micro coaxial cable assembly to block EMI while transferring signals and showing images. Moreover, to increase the tensile strength of some coaxial cables, a steel wire will be added to the edge to support the tensile force of the cloth (frame) wire, thereby protecting the main body of the cable.


  • Easy to wire and install
  • Easy to expand
  • Good resistance to EMI
  • Up to 10Mbps capacity
  • Durable

Why Basmakers

Basmakers offers various LVDS cable assembly, including LVDS wireharness cable assembly, micro coaxial cable assembly and twinax coaxial cable assembly. We can also customize the length of the cable for LVDS cable assembly with connectors.

Our LVDS cable assembly and cable solutions cost much less than the average LVDS cable assembly but still have the same or better performance characteristics.