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Common uses for the FFC cable (Flexible flat cable) assembly include small devices such as scanners, cameras, printers, laptops, and medical devices. Our FFC cable assembly are available in the following different sizes:

  • Various pitches (0.4/0.5/1.0/1.25/2.54)
  • Conductors with different coatings (tin, gold)
  • General temperature-resistant and high-temperature-resistant skin
  • Can be processed according to customer's printing needs
  • Anti-EMI processing
  • Can do high transmission specifications


FFC cable is small and can be bent and twisted. It meets the requirements of miniaturization and movement for cutting-edge electronic device assembly boards. The FFC cable can also increase its strength by adding materials or liners to obtain additional stability.


The low dielectric constant has the following benefits:

  • It allows fast transmission of electrical signals.
  • Its good thermal performance makes the components cool down easily.
  • Its higher glass transition temperature and melting point help the components run well at higher temperatures.
  • It decreases the component misalignment rate when assembling.

Why Basmakers

Basmakers offers a various FFC cable assembly, we can also customize the length, processing, temperature of the cable for FFC cable assembly with connectors in variable specs.

Our FFC cable assembly and cable solutions cost much less than the average FFC cable assembly but still have the same or even better performance characteristics.